The Sisters

Hi! I’m Britt (and “I’m Fran”, says Fran)!!
We are 2 of 3 sisters living in Melbourne (our oldest is in a kingdom far far away…in Singapore)
Fran had a light bulb moment late last year (in 2015) about starting a sisters food blog. Over the years, I had witnessed many moments of pure genius from my younger sibling, and many moments of wide-eyed enthusiasm which quickly withered and resulted in natta. As we sat in ‘Naughty Boy’ (in North Carlton), our flavour of the week, I pondered whether I should play the supportive sister and have my ‘I told you so’ speech at the ready, or just shoot her down right then and there…
5 months later (having lived togther for the past 2 months), here we are, about to move from South Yarra to Collingwood. If moving wasn’t stressful enough, we have finally put pen to paper and started the sisters food blog.
As I sit amongst towers of boxes filled with memorabilia (and crap), I realise I have spent the last hour drafting this first post whilst my dear younger sibling has already retired to her bedroom after having spent 5 minutes setting up this account. Older siblings around the world who have found themselves in this exact situation, holla!
But…back to the food…Fran has been labeling me a foodie for the past couple of years, and she has now self-identified as one (self-identification is very important). We love our food, and love exploring new suburbs and new eating places. If you ever meet us in person, we are (though clearly sisters) in some ways worlds apart. We hope, as a result, that we will be able to provide you with a balanced opinion on the places we both visit, and cover more places by double teaming.
Fran has also recently started ‘refining’ her culinary skills and expanding her repertoire. She anticipates our love for food and cooking (and baking on my part) will create positive synergies…in hopes of getting into MKR next season (…not really)…stay tuned ๐Ÿ™‚

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