The bat is back

Arlechin had been in my sights for months ever since broadsheet wrote an article about Grossi’s new late night snack bar. For me, after a night of drinking, cheap dirty dumplings are most ideal and a bank breaking meal is least preferred. But I knew Arlechin had a place in my life, likely on an indulgent night following a few hours of nursing a bottle of red (or two).
It was a Tuesday evening when I finally tried Arlechin. I had been feeling festive and letting them purse strings carpe diem since Christmas seemed to be screaming towards me even though it was only the start of November (and no matter how light that coin bag already was).
I was apprehensive as my foodie colleague nudged me into a shady back alley. But it was short lived and we were immediately transported into Grossi’s luxurious, swanky, bat cave when we swung open Arlechin’s door. And Grossi did not let us down. The food was excellent, bar sized but substantial enough so that we could have variety and also fit a couple of drinks in. We ordered:
– the Prawn Sesame Paprika: These were deep fried battered prawns. It looked fresh and crunchy and all things good. My foodie friend had two out of the three!
– Jaffle Bolognese: This was the best Jaffle I’ve ever had. I haven’t had too many in my life time, but the crust was superior, the seal air tight and the tomato meat filling perfectly balanced. This was a particularly nostalgic experience for me as my dear mama used to make us toast topped with bolognese as a snack when we were kids (plus melted cheese if she was feeling particularly generous!). My dear mum’s bolognese is still one of the best bolognese’s I’ve ever had.
– Grilled Cos, whipped Ricotta and egg: The Cos was served as rustic halves. Oh so crunchy, fresh, with what seemed like a 2cm thick smear of whipped Ricotta topped with a poached egg.
– midnight Spaghetti: This spaghetti, so simple, but again, there is often serious deliciousness in simplicity. I can only imagine the tomatoes were slowly braised in top quality olive oil, garlic and a hint of acidity (it almost tastes like preserved olives) with a sprinkle of fresh italian herbs.
Would go back. Highly recommended for a low key mid week sneaky. Not sure what the crowd is like later in the week, but imagine it would be nice for a late night sneaky too (after all the late night crowd is their target audience!)

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