Kisume is not the boss of me

Kisume – there has been a lot of hype about this new restaurant, but I’m sorry to say you may be disappointed. OK, I am being a bit of a hater, but at least an honest one!

Kisume first came onto my radar when my manager (who is insistent he is not a foodie) asked me if I had tried it yet. The photos online looked really impressive, the restaurant decor looked classy and appealing and it looked like a place our older sister would really enjoy. Side bar: Unfortunately because Kisume does not take reservations other than for large groups, we weren’t able to take her there when she visited Melbourne recently.

I finally made it to Kisume one Tuesday night for a quick dinner with a couple of girlfriends to catch up and to celebrate one of my girlfriend’s recent engagement (how exciting!) We ordered:

  • Edamame, chargrilled, sea salt, shiso flower with garlic oil
  • Miso Lime Wagyu Beef tartare with shiso and quail egg
  • Assorted sashimi
  • Crab dumplings topped with quail egg
  • Miso salmon with pickled burdock root

The best dish was honestly the Edamame. It was salty and had that earthy charred taste. The wagyu beef was nice, but three spoonfuls and it was gone. The assorted sashimi was standard – not the freshest I’ve tried by a long shot. The crab dumplings were extremely overpriced (like $25 for 4 dumplings?!) and truly not a big deal on the palate. The quail egg yolk was showy and unnecessary. The miso salmon was very disappointing – the miso taste was non-existent, the salmon was dry and the burdock root didn’t add anything to the dish.

Perhaps we ordered the wrong dishes. But I left hungry, with a large hole in my pocket and very unsatisfied. Good ambiance. But I would not go back unless someone else in my trust circle makes a good case for Kisume…or unless someone else is paying.

It pains me to post mouthwatering photos of the food below. Indeed, we do eat with our eyes and our mouth. But don’t let the gorgeous photos fool you! I stand by my post above.


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