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A close friend managed to lure me out on a week night for dinner. When she mentioned Fancy Hanks, I immediately replied yes! Fancy Hanks has been on my to-try list for almost a year, but you won’t believe how hard it is to find someone willing to go non-fast food American! Also my attempts to lure my drinking buddies to the rooftop bar at Fancy Hanks had been unsuccessful to date – not surprising since winter has been brutal this year. 

I showed up a touch late to find my friend perched on one of Fancy Hank’s high tables – quite a sight since the high tables stand tall on a raised part of the 1st floor and also because my friend is not at all vertically challenged (unlike me). I scrambled up as elegantly as I could onto the high stool and soaked in being able to turn my nose up at a few people (a rare experience). 

Considerate that I am not the biggest meat eater, my friend suggested that we order one main meat and a bunch of sides. I proclaimed I would be content with a buttermilk biscuit like the food network watcher that I am. I sipped on my golden IPA as we discussed whether biscuits are more scone or more cake. 

Probably sensing the hunger emanating from my dear friend worn down by the litigious antics of the day, service was quick and before we knew it we saw our dinner being skillfully slid across the table towards our greedy eyes.

Verdict: I can confirm biscuits are more scone like. Savoury and delicious in simplicity. I wouldn’t be surprise if biscuits were almost be a religion in the South. The fried cauliflower with ranch dressing and hot sauce was below average: the batter was a little thick, but I must admit the ranch dressing uplifting yet rich in flavour. The baked mac ‘n’ cheese was topped with a mound of cheetos dust, breaking away from tradition. It would have been better with a bit more mustard bite and…how I can say… gruyere. The boston styled baked beans with sour cream was a pleasant side, but hands down the earthest pooh bear tummy rubbing baked beans that I’ve tried to date is still the batch made by my fellow diner. Finally, the main event, the pulled pork shoulder was quite enjoyable. Tender, falling off the bone. 

Summary: The serving sizes were a bit small, but conducive if you want to taste variety. Great atmosphere, a chill, spacious diner/bar perfect for a casual yet intimate week night dinner. Worth one visit but no more. 


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