All I want for winter is (kimchi) soup

I had been asking Fran for months to have dinner with me at Warra Warra and she finally agreed this Friday after some guilt tripping. I first tried Warra Warra when my older sister was in town and our family friend recommended it for being an affordable, reliable Korean place in the city. It reappeared on my radar when a few colleagues of mine suggested it as a semi-late spot to satisfy our post-drinking hunger. 

It was the middle of winter (when post-drinking hunger can be at its height) and the only available table that could accommodate 8 mildly drunk people was Warra Warra’s weird half-in-half-out table. As the name suggests, the table is half indoors, half outdoors, separated literally by windows (which are raised during opening hours). Chivalry proved to be very much alive as the men took the seats on the out and the women (plus one bloke) took the seats on the in on the opposite side of the table. Stepping back, it didn’t look too dissimilar to a speed dating event, the men and women all paired up, sitting across the table and gazing at each other through the window of opportunity. But of course, if you looked a bit closer, you would have seen a few drunk idiots attempting to shotgun beers and failing miserably.  

And the rest is history. The subsequent times at Warra Warra were equally heartwarming, filled with memories of laughing and drinking and honest food. I might be biased and a little nostalgic (a beer goggle situation but because of the heart) but regardless, here’s my review: 

Warra Warra, a low key Korean joint in the heart of Melbourne CBD, has an extensive menu, complete with all the usual suspects. 

To date I’ve tried (in order of preference): 

– kimchi soup: the best kimchi tofu soup I’ve had outside Korea! (though I could be biased as it was bitterly cold the night I tried it which could have made it especially yummylicious)

– cheese chilli chicken: we ordered the mild version. It was wonderfully caramelised and sweet and rich and cheeeesy, served on a sizzling hot plate! We stuffed our faces and really suffered that night (but it was worth it!)

– the fried chicken: we ordered the original and sweet chilli – both decent

– Crispy rice seafood stew: This was the first time that I’ve seen this Korean dish on the menu. Fran was the adventurous one that night. The crispy rice became silky soft in the bubbling seafood stew, an interesting texture that has you going back for more. The soup was too thick and starchy for my liking though.  

– the beef bibimbab: This was pretty standard, can’t really go too wrong with bibimbab.

– scallop with seafood spring onion pancake: Not bad, the seafood was pretty fresh, but by a long shot the best I’ve ever had was at Mook Ji Bar.

– pork belly barbeque: I’m usually adverse to pork belly, so I’m definitely not fit to judge. But always love how social Korean BBQ is. 

A nice little cosy place conveniently located off Swanston Street if you need a quick Korean fix that won’t break the bank. 


*All photos are not our own because I (Fran) was hangry and forgot to take them. Yea, I really dropped the ball on this one.

Warra warra - 8f56edd9ad6eb980d86b45c86e1a57c3_featured_v2

Warra warra - 20140808_134419

Warra warra - (7)+Soup


Warra warra - ef28a7e346520045cf21436ef8ccfaa4_1498560121

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