No biggie

Being a huge fan of San Telmo, I was very excited to try ‘CHE’. We headed there on another one of our Friday night expeditions. 

According to broadsheet, ‘CHE’ is spanish slang for buddy but also an acronym for the menu items (Chicken, helados and empanadas). In Singapore/Malaysia, ‘Che’ means ‘no big deal’. And unfortunately, ‘CHE’ was just that. 

The chicken was over priced and dry. The spices were overwhelmingly one note (pepper), and the salsa we ordered to accompany the chicken (smokey capsicum salsa) did not have any of the much needed freshness to uplift the dish. 

We ordered two types of empanadas – the traditional beef and the corn and cheese. I’m no expert in empanadas, but I prefer the pastry to be flaky and toasty. Quite disappointingly, the empanadas were anemic looking and tasted like under-cooked pastry of a dirty frozen meat pie (they looked nothing like the photos of the gloriously golden and puffed empanadas on broadsheet or goodfood) . Even store bought puff pastry sheets would have tasted better than the CHE pastry. The fillings were also nothing to rave about. 

We also ordered the burger (which we hoped would be the saving grace of ‘CHE’). The menu description of the burger was very enticing, including references to pickled cabbage and a spicy mayo type sauce. But it was another let down. The burger overall was tasteless and lacked seasoning. The patty was dry, and the accompaniments did not add any tang or spice to the dish, contrary to what you would think picked cabbage and spicy sauce would achieve. 

The dishes we did enjoy at CHE were the fries (they were crunchy as advertised) and the salads (we tried two: the whipped pumpkin and feta salad and the quinoa cooked in almond milk with pickled cucumber and golden beetroot salad) were fresh and tasty. Vegetarians, you would have been happy.

Would not recommend. Would not go back. 


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