Southern me fried

How can I describe Miss Katie’s Crab Shack? Well, think Krusty Krab, pineapple under the sea.  It is an oasis of rad hippy peace in the middle of Chinatown, decorated like a classic crab shack and the perfect place to head to for a quiet, casual dinner on a Friday night for weekend guilty pleasure deep fried indulgences. 

We landed at the crab shack after having been rejected from 2 dumpling places, a split decision which turned out to be The Best decision Ever! Amazing, southern American food. We debated why tart fried green tomatoes are still so rare in Melbourne given how wonderful they are. We also ordered fried chicken with waffles – which were delish. The crust on the chicken had to be a unique blend of corn meal, Worcestershire sauce and taco seasoning as it was fantastically crunchy, tangy and spicy. The fish tacos were also the best I’ve had in Melbourne. It had everything I want from a taco – decently portioned so it doesn’t disappear in 2 bites (try 4), enough protein to carry the foundation of taste and texture and accompanied by glorious moist-makers (guacamole, pico de gallo and sesame mayo). Finally, we also had the vege chilli cheese fries. For all the meat-lover-nay-sayers out there, don’t judge it till you try it. Trust me, the smokey paprika seasoning will convert you.

Despite not having ordered the main event (the crab obviously), the allure of the fashionable bib and the power (I imagine) which would course from the scoop fork will definitely draw me back to the Crab Shack for take two. 


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