Kitty come home

Kitty Burns has been the clear flavour of the month for Brit and I. In the past month, we have been there a total of 5 times – 4 separately and once together. The ambience is what impressed us most – hidden away in a little enclave of modern apartment buildings off Victoria Street, next to the Yarra River. The simple Nordic-inspired decor and glimpses of the bush peeking through the background set the perfect scene for a tranquil brunch.

I was very excited to see an extensive variety (a third of the entire menu) of juices and smoothies on the menu! I recently embarked on a fitness journey and am trying to wean myself off coffee… so I am always very happy to see healthy beverage alternatives on the menu. The food items were a mix of classic and creative, and at this point, Brit and I knew we would have to come back a few more times to get a good sense of the culinary workings of this place. In our opinion, the creative dishes fared better than the classic ones.

Here’s the low down:

Chorizo chilli folded eggs – This was the first dish I tried and I really enjoyed it. The “folded” eggs were an exciting in between of scrambled eggs and an omelette. The chilli added a good kick of flavour and the homemade chorizo was had good taste and texture. On the other hand, Brit didn’t like it and thought it lacked flavour. In her words: “All I could taste was oil and chilli.” We shall agree to disagree on that.

Eggs burnadict – The serving size was quite underwhelming. Flavours were good, but I just wished there was more of it.

Spice Togarashi Avocado – Think of a deconstructed guacamole. You are literally served a platter of a half Avocado, smashed Avocado with broad beans, paprika, lime, salt and pepper. You are left to your own devices to sprinkle and splash. Despite the interactive experience, you simply aren’t given enough toys in the sandbox to play with. Though classic flavour combinations, it didn’t surpass the simple smashed avocado with feta cheese on toast with poached eggs.

French toast – Brit insisted on ordering this. Reluctant to share, fork ready to swat greedy food envy family members, the dish proved too good not to share. The highlight of this dish was the vanilla mousse-like ganache, a light and fluffy alternative to the traditional rich and heavy mascarpone that often accompanies french toast, offset perfectly by the tangy berry coulis dollops that lit up the dish like cherry coloured Christmas lights. The toast itself was delicate, fluffy, moist and full of flavour.

Omelette – This was unlike the usual flavours you get in an omelette. Predominantly mushroom-filled, this flavour was balance perfectly with the slight acidity of the pickled enoki topping, a dash of vinegar, truffle foam and goats curd whip. I was pleasantly surprised and I loved it. It was wonderfully earthly without being overwhelmingly mushroomy. Even Brit, a non-mushroom enthusiast, kept coming back for more.

Popcorn chilli chicken + waffles – The standout here was the maple foam, a lovely alternative to the usual maple syrup. The foam allows you to drown yourself in the maple forest without your tongue going sugar-numb. The waffles were pretty decent and the chicken was crispy, not too dry, but lacked the chilli taste. But who cares? Layer on more of that foam, and your mouth is left singing. Overall, it was a a lighter and more brunch-appropriate spin on regular southern dish.

That’s all for today, kids!