From purgatory to heaven

Aaaaand we’re back!

Whoops about the unintentional hiatus. Brit has been travelling and I’ve finished my final undergrad exams!

After an hour of high intensity interval training, we decided to treat ourselves to a nice dinner at the hottest new restaurant on Smith Street – Hotel Jesus. It is the second establishment by the owners of Mamasita in the CBD and has a very interesting “mexican diner” feel. It was weird kind of deja vu moment for me, since I just started binging season 2 of Narcos.

First up was the guac. I was expecting a guac that would’ve just blew my mind, but tbh it was quite average. Also, it was served with some kind of bean-based tortilla chips (?), not 100% sure, but I didn’t really like them. Luckily they brought out some normal tortilla chips later.

Next was the seafood cocktail. We were pretty impressed with this dish. The soup had hints of tomato and tobascco sauce. The seafood was really fresh, which was great since the dish was served cold. There were also some surprise slice of avocado and coriander which an extra special touch. Absolutely loved it.

We also tried their tostada colima ceviche, taco and quesadilla. The menu’s emphasis on fresh seafood and slow-cooked pulled meat did not disappoint. But be aware that the portions are a bit smaller than you’d expect for what you paid for.

I’m travelling for the next few weeks, but I have a few posts that I’ve written in the stock pile that I’ll upload periodically. Hopefully Britt will pull her weight in my absence.


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