Rockwell & Daughters

After a scrumptious Sunday lunch and a beautiful afternoon in the Yarra Valley, Dad, Brit and I slothed around the house in a mid-food coma state. As dinner time rolled around, there was a consensus that we wanted something simple nor did we want to travel too far. The distance thing was easy – a stroll along Smith street would surely suffice. When we noticed that Rockwell and Sons wasn’t packed as it usually is (don’t get me wrong, it was still very busy), we decided to try our luck. When we were told a table had just been vacated, we knew it was as opportunity we couldn’t possibly pass up. Dinner at R&S without a booking? Definitely a sign from above that we were destined to eat here tonight.

And out goes the second part of our plan – a simple dinner.

For 3 already half-filled stomachs, we were a bit too ambitious when it came to ordering. We had the devilled eggs with chives, hushpuppies with maple butter, smoked lamb ribs with kentucky black BBQ sauce, buffalo style crispy pork hocks with carrot, celery and blue cheese, double patty smash burger with kraft, special sauce and seeded bun (no bacon) and crispy broccoli with jalapeños and parmesan.

It was safe to say, in true-Ngu style that we over-ordered by a long shot. We love variety, even it means not finishing it all, or eating to the point of difficulty in breathing/talking/walking.

The stand outs for my were the lamb ribs and the crispy broccoli. The ribs were crispy on the outside, yet tender and juicy on the on the inside. The meat fell off the bone too, which was impressive, considering it was so crispy. The broccoli was something unique I hadn’t tasted before. The broccoli was deep fried in batter but smothered in a creamy sauce, creating an exciting fusion of crunchy and smooth textures in the mouth.

Dad loved the pork hocks. It had a slightly sour-ish sriracha based sauce, which made a really cool asian-infused western dish.

Brit like the hushpuppies the best. For those of you who don’t know what they are (its ok, we had to ask the waitress too), they are kind of like corn-based donuts. They turned out to be denser than a regular donut and had an overall savoury flavour, instead of sweet.

To our pleasant surprise, the bill only came out to be just over $60 for the three of us. Pretty affordable considering the amazing quality of food.

My only criticism is, 5 out of 6 of the dishes were deep fried. The portions were decent-sized but I have to admit that the lack of variety in cooking style made the meal a very rich and greasy one.

All in all, a fab dinner!



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