3 girls 1 Korean

It was a Saturday and we were off on another coffee expedition trip. This time to Focus, a cafe in Balwyn that came recommended.

I drove towards Focus with excitement, not only because my tummy was rumbly, but because I was going to meet my friend’s (what kids nowadays call) bae for the first time. I arrive on time (dare I say I am usually pretty punctual) and see my friend’s gf and her friend already seated. It just so happened that my friend’s gf and I had crossed paths professionally in pre-bae days…small world!
I sat down and us girls complain in unison about how our fourth (the Korean) is habitually late. Let the bonding begin 🙂 Guys, if you need any compelling reason for being punctual (other than because of basic courtesy), consider that.
The Korean finally makes an appearance and I casually (and in good fun) refer to the time he kept me waiting for almost an hour and a half at Mr Miyagi. We proceed to order coffee. For us amateurs, we chose a non-syphon style of coffee – cold drip or latte. You can guess what the Korean chose (see picture of syphon coffee below..I am told the top attachment is missing)
I decided to not go all-american/Korean with the Ganam style fried chicken and waffles special and instead proceeded to order the House cured pork jowl, poached eggs, potato rosti, puff pastry and hollandaise sauce. The other fusion specials on Focus’s board were very enticing, but the Korean refused to be side tracked from the soft shelled crab burger.
We sipped at our coffee and chatted away about our favourite movies (the girls were huge Lord of the Rings fans. There was only one star trek fan in the mix – guess who?), travelling and food poisoning (always a great talking point). I am no coffee expert, but my second cold drip experience was very enjoyable. Light and delicate and wonderfully smooth.
The food arrives and before we can say instagram the soft shelled crab burger is demolished. The feedback I got was that it was a decent burger, but the best one is still from Hammer and Tong. We debate about black sesame buns: The girls were in one corner, the Korean in the other.
My modified version of an Eggs Benedict was pleasant. The rosti was fluffy without the usual oily mouth feel. The puff pastry was crispy and crumbly and added a textural element (though slightly dry).Pork jowl I am not familiar with, but it tasted to me what I imagine jerky to taste like. Not my thing but a good salty accompaniment to the rest of the dish. All in all enjoyable.
With the food and coffee finished, us girls had to ceasefire on teasing the poor Korean and go our separate ways. Would go back again if in the area to try their fusion specials and get another coffee fix 🙂

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