Lazer pig, lazer pig, does whatever a lazer pig does

You may be shocked (and maybe slightly offended) to know that pizza is not on my list of favourite foods. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. So when I found out that awesome pizza place (disguised as a late night hipster pot-smoking bar) just a stone throw from my apartment, I did not lose my pants over this news. But I have to admit that Lazer pig has the best pizzas I’ve ever tried (excluding the ones I had in Italy)!

I am quite ashamed to say that both times Brit and I had Lazer pig, we had it takeaway. The option to make an order on the phone and show up 20 minutes late in my pajamas was just too tempting to pass up. Nonetheless, we still has the chance to  check out the interior upon pick up.

The decor is not what you’d expect as pizzeria to look like. First of all, the exterior of the restaurant are filled with sleeping cartoon pigs  (which mislead me to believe the name of the place was “Lazy pig” instead of “Lazer pig” for a long time). As you walk in, it’s quite dark, only with some decorative lighting – a little bit like an upper class version of Perseverance/PAs (college kids, ya know what I mean). There is some cute chalk writing of menu specials on the walls – presumably to pay homage the style of traditional pizzeria ancestors.

Alright, time to pig into the food (pun intended). The stand out feature about their pizzas is the pizza dough. To me, it’s what makes or breaks a pizza. I wouldn’t classify it as either thick of thin crust, but somewhere in between. The best way I describe the dough to my friends is it has the fluffy “sink your teeth into it” consistency of Naan bread, but is thin enough so that the toppings still have a chance to shine. Secondly, the ingredients are so incredibly fresh and the combinations of toppings on offer aren’t the regulars. There are some awesome aussie flavours for those who are on the bogan side.

So far we’ve had the Prawn fraser (tomato base, south australian prawns, buffalo mozzarella, lemon, chilli, roquette and pesto),  Smashing pumpkin (garlic base, roast pumpkin, spinach, goat feta, buffalo, mozzarella and chilli), Mary had a little lamb (garlic base, slow cooked lamb, fior di latte, red onion, olives, fetta, rosemary and lemon) and Lazer pig to the rescue (fontina bechamel base, pulled pork shoulder, BBQ onions, smokey BBQ sauce, chilli, basil and apply cider reduction). Might I add that they have the cutest pizza boxes too?!?!


My favourite is the Smashing pumpkin. Brit reckons the Prawn fraser is the best. We’ll both agree to disagree on that.

Also, we recently found out that they have $10 margaritas during happy hour! Bonus!!!

Alas, I finally made it to the end of the post. Its been so hectic lately, I’ve only had time to write this post in 10 minute intervals taking the tram to and from uni (ikr, how sad is that).


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