Higher ground, lower quality 

Ok, so I’m going to keep this one pretty brief because I don’t like to dwell on the negatives. I was quite disappointed with my brunch experience at Higher Ground yesterday. Here are my thoughts.

I was looking forward to a wonderful brunch with my dear friend Alice. I normally steer away from new, hyped-up places (because they are usually not worth the hype) but that day, I was in the mood to surprise myself.

I was excited to see there was a heated seated outdoor waiting area. For once, I didn’t experience an inner-conflict between waiting out in the cold and giving in to going somewhere else to with no waiting time. The staff were super friendly and on-the-ball too. The concept of the restaurant was impressive – a refurbished warehouse with different levels to dine on, overlooking the main atrium (hence, “higher ground”). Unfortunately, these will be the only positive aspects I’ll be writing about…

On a first glace, nothing on the menu seemed to tickle my tastebuds (some say I’m a picky eater, but I strongly disagree). Upon a second read-through, I settled for the Eggs Benedict – thinking I couldn’t go wrong with a classic. Plus, ordering classic dishes at a restaurant  I’m trying for the first time is one of my favourite ways to get a feel for its culinary standards. When the eggs ben arrived, I was extremely underwhelmed with what was served to me – 2 slices of bread and 2 poached eggs slapped onto the plate. The portion size was tiny and the presentation was pathetic. I was halfway through my meal until I realised a little piece of bacon was squished between the bread slices (can’t even be seen in the photo). The hollandaise sauce was too salty and sour. I was convinced they had served me mustard instead. I will go as far to say that I have never had an eggs ben worse than this! They totally butchered this classic brunch favourite. It was also one of the more expensive eggs ben I’ve come across too…

Alice had the spiced cauliflower scrambled eggs. It wasn’t as disastrous as my dish – the flavours were there and visually, it looked much more appetising than mine. But again, the serving size was small for what you paid for.

I know its not exactly fair for me to judge a restaurant based on 2 dishes, but if you can’t get the basics right, it doesn’t instil much confidence in me to try your other creations.

On the other hand, I beat Brit here (she had plans go 3 days after me, but did know it was close on a Sunday night until she got there) so that’s a win for me.



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