Oh Brother, deja vu

I was supposed to meet a friend for brunch at Workshop Brothers on Saturday. An hour and a half before the designated meeting time, I receive a message from him asking me whether I wanted to meet at the branch in the city or the one in Glen Huntly…then I saw the black cat in the Matrix for the second time…

Rewind to almost a year ago when 3 bros (well, 2 bros plus me) had decided to meet for a burger dinner at Brother Burger. Bro 1 plus me sat in a booth at the Brother Burger on Chapel Street whilst we patiently waited for Bro 2 over a couple of beers. We then get a frantic call from Bro 2 asking ‘Hey, are you guys at the Brother Burger on Brunswick Street?!?!’ My jaw drops, oh no! Bro 2 is at the Brother Burger in Fitzroy! We weren’t specific enough! I relay the story to Bro 1, and in true Bro style, he starts laughing uncontrollably. Bro 2 starts laughing too and an hour later, Bro 2 shows up, still in good spirits. And we proceed to enjoy burgers and (more) beer together 🙂
Fast forward to present time – I quickly typed ‘Bro, this is Brother Burger all over again!’ He laughs. We decide to meet at the Workshop Brothers in the city since he hadn’t been to that branch before. It soon became very clear the brunch gods were looking out for us that day because I just so happened to google the address of place and noticed it was closed on Saturdays…out with the car keys and off to Glen Huntly.
The Glen Huntly cafe was surprisingly quiet for a coffee place which (as my ex-barista Bro 2 tells me) is currently dominating the beanhunter rankings. But that’s just what I want from a brunch place in the burbs. The menu looked quite interesting. Quinoa and parmesan fritters, waffles with yummy goodness, eggs benedict with beef brisket…the list goes on. Classic with a twist. We were starvin marvin after all that dejavu talk. Bro 2 orders the Le Paul, which is a wagu beef burger with fries, double pattie (not surprising…) I order the Croque Madame with a side of fries. And of course the main event – drip coffee, single origin, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe ‘Aricha’.
A drip coffee virgin, my eyes lit up when I saw the barista set aside the coffee to ‘drip’ oh so slowly into our glasses from a distance. He places the glasses of coffee in front of us and quietly says ‘It tastes better when it cooled down slightly’. I wait patiently, hugging the glass between my hands, breathing in the glorious coffee fumes and then after a few minutes sipping at the liquid gold. Drip coffee is very enjoyable. My choice of poison frequently is a long black or a long mac, which is usually very flavourful, but potent and sometimes overpowering. Drip coffee to me is delicate and allows you to enjoy the slow, comforting release of caffeine with each sip.
The food arrives shortly after and I immediately regret ordering the extra side of fries. Clearly, my eyes were bigger than my stomach that lunch. The fried egg splayed on top of my toast which was oozing bechamel and cheese just screamed ‘Dig in!’ Bro 2 gives his monster of a burger a 360 degrees size up. As he ponders how to physically take a bite out of the burger, I slice into my decked out toastie. To my disappointment, a soft fluffy thick cut bread was used and though it served well to soak up the bechamel sauce and other juices, it was soggy as a result. I much prefer a croque madame made with a more sturdy sour dough. But it was tasty nonetheless – you can’t go wrong with ham, cheese and sauce!
Bro 2 finally got a bite in after admitting defeat to utensils. Before reaching the halfway mark, he exclaimed he should have stuck with the single pattie. The burger to me looked very appealing and I would be lying if I said I didn’t have food envy. But he later disclosed to me that though the bun was nice, the patties were a bit dry.
All in all, great coffee, good place to venture on a lazy weekend. I would go back to try the other very enticing dishes on their menu. They also have nice pastries and doughnuts which I didn’t get to try but know (deep in my soul) would go amazingly well with the coffee. If you are in the city, perhaps give the coffee a go.

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