Presenting: food fm

We sat on the couch on a cold, rainy, winter’s night. Motivation levels were low. A disjointed three-way convo about Wabi Sabi Salon ensued…

Fran: Let’s get this post started

Brit: Fine (through gritted teeth)… we can start the post by saying “It was a cold rainy winter night…”

Fran: I feel like all of our posts start this way -_-

Brit: Then you start it…

Fran: But every time I try to start something you tell me I’m not doing it right…

Brit: Do you understand the concept? *snatches laptop away from Fran and writes preceding lines*…So we went to Wabi Sabi Salon on a Friday night, looking for a quick bite to eat before my flight to Singapore. We  had walked past the place many times before and it looked really authentic from the outside because the cafe is filled with little Japanese huts and Japanese style cloth screens. And of course the enticing “Ramen Here” was hard to resist.

Fran: We ventured inside and asked for a table for 3. They asked us if we were ok being seated “out the back”… we begrudging said ok, wondering how we would cope with the cold and the rain. The server led us through the kitchen, down a flight of wooden stairs that looked like it was just a ladder tilted on it side. To our amazement, we reached a beautiful dojo-esque garden and dining set-up!

Brit: We were absolutely delighted. Imagine the zen like qualities of an outdoors hut set in a Japanese garden (similar to the Kill Bill scene in which Lucy Liu and Uma Thurman had their show down…ok fine, not THAT cool). We clambered into the hut and snuggled up to the roaring gas heater. We ordered the Japanese style chicken parma (intriguing and necessary since we had Mat the meat lover with us), Agedashi Tofu with eggplant (which was strongly resisted by Fran who is anti-eggplant – she is a picky eater), grilled black cod (we were expecting Nobu standards for some reason)  and their special ramen (which is so special it’s not even on the menu!) What was your favourite dish Mat?

Mat: The Japanese Chicken Parma was a standout. Not that I’m saying it was better than a regular than a regular aussie parma but it held its own. The crumbs on the outside of the juicy chicken breast was perfectly cooked and added a nice crunch to the dish. The sauce on top of the chicken (I can’t really remember but it was definitely not a traditional parma sauce) but it still went well with the chicken. Along side the sliced crumbed chicken was some Japanese style pickles, sliced chilli and some crispy cheese ‘biscuits’ which made the visual of the dish pop and provide some eye candy for one of Fran’s snaps.

Fran: Why did you have to bring my snapchats into the conversation?

Mat: Because its funny.

Fran: …anyways, I am #shameless about my (^keyword) perceived snapchat addiction, but I maintain that I am just spreading my love for food.

Mat: k.

Fran: I enjoyed the creativity of the dishes, especially the parma. I liked the skin of the agedashi tofu which absorbed the delicious broth. The ramen was a super impressive, probably only to those who are well acquainted with the intricacies of the art of ramen. I will leave this to Brit to elaborate.

Brit: The ramen noodles were really one of a kind. Usually it is all about soup (be it miso, tonkatsu or shoyu), but the noodles were definitely too good to be in the ‘best supporting actor’ category. The noodles could have been a standalone dish – they were so favourful, bouncy and al dente. Given the unique-ness, we would bet good money that they were obviously WabiSabi-made. The disappointment was the cod fish – it was terrible and pricey.

Fran: Ok time to wrap it up. We’ve been sitting here on this couch for wayyyy to long and dinner isn’t going to cook itself  *looks at Brit*

Ta ta for now!

britt ×fran



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