Kimcheese me

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I feel like I this was big milestone in my “foodie development”. I have been in an apprenticeship under my older sister – who I consider to be the biggest foodie I know – since I moved to Melbourne two years ago. I diligently study her food choices and critiques, sometimes, she even lets me take charge. However, my meek efforts could never match up to her natural talent. But not today, today  I graduate.

Although by pure luck, I stumbled upon a photo on instagram of what looked like the perfect cross between a korean hot pot and a cheese fondue. It took my breath away, literally, I’m pretty sure I choked a little bit. I was determined to get my hands on this (excuse the expression) “cheesy jizz pot” in the middle of swotvac. #priorities amiright???

On a side note, I should probably give my boyfriend some credit here. He was actually the one who coined the term “cheesy jizz pot”, so if you found this slightly (or very) crude or offensive or impressed by how wildly accurate that description is, I will send all feedback his way.

So it turns out the actual name of this dish was a molten cheese pot. The main attraction is the tender american-style BBQ ribs and melted cheese (my guess is mozzarella). It comes with four side dishes – sweet potato mash, corn salad, Korean steamed egg and rice sticks. The ribs were cut into little bit sized pieces with beautiful tender meat (and cartilage!) that fell off the bone. The cheese wrapped around the ribs and surprisingly complemented the bbq flavour very well. I thought the sides offered a good variety of flavours, but they stood as separate entities rather than integrating with the mains. Lastly, after the ribs and cheese were devoured, we were served kimchi fried rice that was cooked in the same dish to mop up all the left-over cheese and sauce.

Arguably, it was not worth $56, but it was definitely a new dining experience if you’re getting bored of traditional korean food and bbq’s. Would I come back? Yes! Probably not on a regular basis, but when I’m feeling like I need a #treatyoself day.

It was only after I posted my dinner on snapchat, did I realize the magnitude of this discovery. Instead of the the usual “oh look, it’s Fran being annoying and showing off what she’s eating again”, I got genuine inquiries about what/where I was eating so they can get some asap! If I say so myself, this created some major hype on my snapchat of modest followings.

I believe a foodie in top form does not only dine at well known establishments, but also finds hidden gems in the most unexpected places – just like this deer-themed korean fusion cafe in a back alley in the cbd.

*virtual hugz*

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