My good friend Marion

Marion, being by the same people as Cutler & Co and Cumulus, was immediately placed on my must-try list when I heard of its opening.

Once I moved into the area, I knew I couldn’t face myself if I held off going any longer. Self pride on the line, I sauntered down to Marion one cold Friday night (you will notice most of my gastronomic expeditions celebrate TGIF moments) with my beloved mum and auntie.

It was a small and slightly noisy place, but intimate and low key – perfect for a Friday night wind down.

Side bar – I have a good friend named Marian, to whom I unsurprising exclaimed one day: ‘Marian we have to go to Marion!’

She had already been to Marion at that time. Nonetheless, here are the top reasons why Marion is my good friend:
Marion has on offer an impressive wine list (as expected of a wine bar). She will patiently wait as you peruse the list, offer advice when solicited, and pass no judgment if you streamline for cheapest bottles.
Marion is a grounded friend – she makes all dishes to share because she knows sharing and enjoying food with your loved ones is really what food is all about.
Marion is classy – She knows that a great housemade flat bread with dip, fresh thinly sliced duckfish ceviche, textured steak tartare with bursts of pickle and a side of crispy fries, perfectly medium rare wagu steak, falling off the bone duck paired with poached fruit and a wonderfully uplifting citrus radicchio salad – is all you need as simple food is good food.
And finally, Marion will be there for you till the end – she will serve a rhubarb stack with thin crisps and custard and a warm pot served pear pudding to make sure you leave on a high note.

So I invite you to join Marion for a good D&M over a bottle or two, with a few nibbles to facilitate that kombaya moment.


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