Anada hit da spot

Disclaimer: the following post is straight forward because it is no laughing matter how amazing anada is – its food speaks volumes and the only way for me to do it justice is to tell you to go and try the food yourself!

It was a Friday night. And like all Friday nights, no matter how tired you are, you feel like a fking celebration. And what better way than to have a Spanish tapas dinner with dear mummy. We ordered a bottle (it was a cold night… also, did I mention it was Friday?), perched ourselves up on a high table, and feeling like queens of the world, we ordered our hearts out. Scallops with something delicious and warm and crumbly sprinkled on top came first. Fresh and full of texture.
Eggplant with sherry vinegar and honey next. Crispy on the outside, velvety smooth and creamy on the inside.

Followed by octopus with potato crisps. Tender protein matched surprisingly well with mandoline-cut crispy fried potato

And the main event: Squid ink seafood paella. Wonderfully aldente, sea-to-plate freshness, earthy and warm and indulgent.

Dessert: Churros. Above average and deserving as the final act to wind up the savoury courses that preceded.

Having polished off the wine, we rolled out of Anada in blissful contentment.

An absolute must-try. Bookings essential. Perfect for an intimate meal.

Anada, I’ll be back.



What the Squid Ink Paella would have looked like if we didn’t eat it so fast… 



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