Paper boy tell em’

This was probably the least romantic date I’ve ever been on – but it was so worth it. Mat and I sat in silence, devouring our lunches. Giving each other the occasional nudge to find the perfect elbow-stance width for shovelling food into our mouths at high velocity (and volume per mouthful). There was a mutual understanding that neither of us was going to offer food to the other. And that was ok, because we both thought we had the tastier meal.

It was our second time dining at this establishment. We were super impressed the first time, and the second visit has just earned this restaurant a gold star.

One of the reasons why we love this place so much is because you have the option to choose a filling in with a ‘bowl’ of rice noodles or a traditional Vietnamese ‘roll’. Mat loves rolls. I love bowls.

Our favourites are the Spicy BBQ pork with chilli, spring onion and sesame oil and the Pulled pork with Hoisin sticky sweet sauce. Both accompanied with Asian slaw, carrot-daikon pickle, sriracha-mayo and coriander. The meat was good quality and marinated well. The salad and dressing  were a unique blend of fusion flavours, cut into nice bite-sized pieces.

Peculiar perks: They serve Vietnamese iced coffee! My favourite caffeinated drink that is a delicacy a in this part of the world. They also have animal figurines instead of table numbers, which I find really cute.

Note: They are not open for dinner! Lunch only. Plan ahead to avoid heart-wrenching disappointment.

Sending virtual hugs,


Spicy BBQ Pork Bowl

Pulled Lamb with Hoisin Roll feat. Hippo

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