Mother hen and three little chicks

We were late for lunch at Mammoth – Our reservation was for 1230, and it was 1250 when we turned off Malvern Road. My two sisters and mum army rolled out of my moving car, and rushed in – not an uncommon sight for the habitually tardy Ngu family. We were bubbling with excitement: We had eyed Mammoth keenly for about a month now and the menu looked intriguingly creative and fusion, not to mention the last time us girls were all together was 4 months ago.
Never underestimate the Asian appetite (and for some, the Asian metabolism rate). We ordered:
North Shore – smokey ham hock hash, flame grilled pineapple, tobasco, jalapeño popper, poached egg
Char spanner crab egg crepe, bean shoot salad, water chestnut, lemon sorbet
Breakfast ramen – smoked bacon and mushroom broth, ramen noodles, puffed hen’s egg, kaiserfleish and fermented chilli oil
Thai beef salad – seared beef, raw vegetables, kimchi, egg, sweet and sour peanuts and hot pho dressing
Doughnut burger – chicken katsu, green mango and papaya slaw, chilli mayonnaise and a salt and pepper doughnut

The good: Great sunny location, easy to get to by train I believe, warm wooden decor, ability to book is a major plus, nice little brunch place for intimate DMCs, friendly staff
Breakfast ramen: Authentic ramen noodles in slurp-licious broth.
The bad: Egg crepe – Milky and thick crepe was not appetising. Crab filling was tasteless as well. Coffee was strangely pastey.

The sisters: We would go back for a casual coffee and muffin trip on a lazy morning but would not go expecting a gastronomic experience.

The Singular Standout- Breakfast Ramen

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